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General conditions


COACHME.YOGA – is a limited liability partnership OÜ COACH ME YOGA, registration code 16149230, location Pushkina ul. 49-8, 20609 Narva, Estonia, which is the administrator of the Website

General Terms – these terms for the use of the Website, data processing principles and cookie usage principles.

User – means the user of the COACHME.YOGA Website

Party – means COACHME.YOGA and/or User, collectively referred to as the Parties.

Website – The electronic product located at domain


2.1 The General Terms apply to all Users.

2.2 COACHME.YOGA is entitled to unilaterally change the General Terms, subject to the following conditions:
2.2.1. the modification is due to a substantive or technical development of the area;
2.2.2. the change is due to changes in the law or other legal situation.

2.3 COACHME.YOGA may, but is not obliged to, notify Users of changes to the Terms via Customer Service, the Website, in hard copy, by email, text message or otherwise.

2.4 If the User does not agree to changes to the Terms of Use, he or she may, within one (1) month of the posting of the changes, terminate the relevant contractual relationship with COACHME.YOGA. If the User does not express a wish to terminate the contract within one (1) month, the changes are deemed to have come into effect.


General provisions

3.1 The Terms of data processing apply to all Users of the COACHME.YOGA Website.

Data collection

3.2 The data provided by the User when registering on the Website is divided into mandatory and voluntary.

3.3 Mandatory The User should provide the following data:
3.3.1. Name (nickname) – necessary for the performance of the contract and enforcement;
3.3.2 Email address – required for communication with the User;
3.3.3 Phone number – required for communication with the User;

3.4 The data voluntarily provided is the e-mail address for the transmission of commercial and informative messages (advertising, special offers, newsletters).
3.4.1 If the User has consented to the use of his or her data for direct marketing purposes, marketing communications are transmitted using the contact details he or she has provided to COACHME.YOGA.

3.5 Users may opt out of receiving communications sent for direct marketing or commercial purposes at any time by sending COACHME.YOGA an email to [email protected].

Responsible and authorized data processor

3.6 Responsible processor of the User’s data is OÜ COACH ME YOGA, registration code 16149230, location Pushkina ul. 49-8, 20609 Narva, Estonia.

3.7 COACHME.YOGA may grant authorised processors the right to use Data. Authorised Processors are cooperative partners of COACHME.YOGA who process the data, including:
3.7.1. for the purpose of providing the service;
3.7.2. for the purpose of maintaining an orderly database of Users;
3.7.3. for maintenance and marketing purposes, unless the User has chosen otherwise or has later withdrawn the relevant consent by notifying it in a format that can be reproduced in writing;
3.7.4. for performance of the obligations arising from legal acts (e.g. handing over to investigative authorities).

3.8 The Authorised Processor may only process data for the specific tasks assigned by COACHME.YOGA.

Data retention time

3.9. COACHME.YOGA shall retain the data for as long as they are necessary to achieve the purpose of using the data or until the statute of limitations on claims arising from the law and until the legal retention period (in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act and the Accounting Act – 7 years) arises.

User rights regarding data usage

3.10. Users have the right to receive information from COACHME.YOGA about the use of their data in the manner and to the extent permitted by law;

3.11. Users have the right to request COACHME.YOGA to cease using their data, as well as to correct, close and delete their data;

3.12. The User has the right to request or prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing or marketing purposes;

3.13. The User has the right to seek protection of his or her rights from the Data Protection Inspectorate and the courts.


Using cookies

4.1 COACHME.YOGA uses cookies to better serve Users of the Website.

4.2 Domains owned by COACHME.YOGA may, among other things, contain an element that stores cookies on behalf of third parties.

Cookie rejection

4.3 The User has the right to refuse to save cookies on their computer. If so desired, the User must change the settings in his browser.

4.4 Browsers of different types use different methods to disable cookies. More information is published on the website

4.5 By blocking cookies the User must take into account that after blocking cookies not all functions of the Website can be available to the User.

What are cookies?

4.6 A cookie is a text file that is sent and stored in the User’s computer by websites that the User visits. Cookies are stored in the directory of the User’s browser. If the User has previously visited the Website, the browser reads the cookie and transmits the relevant information to the Website or item that originally stored the cookie. More information about cookies is available on the website

4.7 Cookies make it possible to track the statistics of the use of the Website, the popularity of headings and other actions performed on the Website. Cookie information is used to improve the usability of the Website and to enhance the content of the Website.

Types of cookies used by the Website

4.8 Permanent cookies are necessary to move around the Website and to use its functions. In the absence of permanent cookies, the User would not be able to use all the functions of the Website.

4.9 Session cookies allow the Website to remember the actions previously performed by the User (e.g. user name entered, language selection, etc.) and thus offer more efficient and user-specific functions.

4.10. Analytical cookies collect data about the User’s behavior on the Website. The information obtained from analytics cookies allows improving the usability of the Website.

4.11. Advertising cookies collect data on the User’s configurations, which in turn allows the Website to offer advertising content that meets the User’s preferences. In addition, the appropriate type of cookie allows the effectiveness of the advertising campaign to be determined.


5.1 The material published on the Website (articles, photographs, videos, artwork, etc.) is protected by copyright and belongs to COACHME.YOGA or its licensing authority. Except for personal, non-commercial use, the User may not copy, reproduce, publish or otherwise use material published on the Web Site. You may not republish materials published on the Website other than in the manner described in these General Terms and Conditions. All other use of materials on the Website requires the prior written consent of COACHME.YOGA.

Reviewing materials

5.2 Materials published on the Website may be abstracted to the extent of one third (1/3) of the original article and accompanied by a direct link to the original article. The rule is valid in this form as long as no other agreements are made. The rule applies even if the COACHME.YOGA abstract is abstracted in some other publication.

5.3 If the material published on the Website is abstracted to a greater extent, COACHME.YOGA has the right to request a fee for this as follows:
5.3.1. 100 euros for a single, non-agreed use of the material;
5.3.2 €200 for each repeated (two or more times) unauthorized use of the material.

5.4 When referring to any media (the Internet, press, radio, television, etc.) COACHME.YOGA must always be cited as the source. In the case of abstracting on the Internet, in addition to indicating the source, a link to the original article should be attached to the abstract.

Copying and distributing materials

5.5 Unless COACHME.YOGA has given prior written consent, no reproduction or distribution of the whole or any part of the material on the Web Site is permitted.

5.6 Material created or stored by Users on a Web site administered by COACHME.YOGA is owned by the respective Users, but the right to further use (publication, transmission to third parties, etc.) is transferred to COACHME.YOGA.