About Author


It is a pleasure to welcome you. My name is Mihhail Duzenko. Until 2015, most of my life I was spent in the hospitality sector. Having completed my Master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu (Estonia) I was actively involved in the design, start-ups and restarts of a number of Estonian spa hotels. In 2015, faced with serious health problems, I drastically changed my views on reality, turning towards a healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, sobriety and, of course, yoga.

So, having passed a rapid path of self-growing in my management career, fate has led me to the thought, that something is going wrong in my life after all. Leading an idle life does not make me healthier, smarter, kinder, or happier. Rather, it is quite the opposite – health problems only accumulate, desires grow, impatience to get, what I want, too, and, accordingly, internal dissatisfaction. This leads to psycho-emotional instability and, as a consequence, whoever you are and wherever you are, the inner feeling of quality of life leaves much to be desired. It was then that I began to look for effective self-development tools and to reconsider life values.

A lot of things I had time to try. Eventually, my good karma led me to the Way of Yoga. I realized that, first of all, yoga is not only for monks, but is also good for socially active people. Secondly, it is not a religion, but a system of effective self-development tools, used by adepts of various religions. And third, comprehensive yoga classes (that is, not just mat exercises) make me healthy, calm, centered, and elevate my consciousness, revealing a more detailed picture of both – the surrounding reality and myself.

My journey of study, practice and travel began. I participated in yoga tours to India and Nepal. I meditated under the Bodhi tree where Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment 2,500 years ago and ascended to the heights of the Himalayan mountains – where yogis of the past spent decades in severe ascesis. Retreats, camps, ashrams and trainings – I was always there to learn something new, to adopt the experience of more advanced teachers.

Once I was convinced of the effectiveness of yogic techniques and had undergone the necessary training in three schools of yoga (Hatha, Yin and Kundalini), I enjoyed sharing the experience and knowledge I had gained with others. Teaching became more and more fulfilling for me, replacing my involvement in commercial hospitality projects. The successes of the students inspired me to take on new endeavors, so over time I switched entirely to the teaching process.

In this project I have tried to structure all my accumulated knowledge and experience into a plan of consistent actions. My task here is not just to share the spectrum of yogic knowledge, but to introduce yogic practices into your daily life rhythm with the help of the developed teaching methodology. So that there is not just information in your head, but experiences and actions that will provide you with growth on physical, mental and spiritual levels. This is not a yoga course or an online class, but a ready-made plan of concrete actions. My task is to help you get started on the path of self-discovery by setting the most effective vector of movement.