Terms of Service


OÜ Coach Me Yoga, Estonian Commercial Registration Code 16149230, is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) engaged in the development of yoga industry products and services. In the Internet environment at the moment we offer four main Products, which are hosted on the Website COACHME.YOGA.

  1. We give everyone the opportunity for thematic interaction on the Internet. Structure and functionality of the resource is built like a modern social network, allowing users: to share information in their timeline, create / join groups, create / join discussions on the forum, to share personal messages and other advanced features. No fee is charged for the usage of COACHME.YOGA.
  2. We give everyone the opportunity to study yoga online on record. All the courses of this resource are built in a consistent way, so that the not-prepared User can start practicing yoga “from scratch”, gradually developing in this culture. Online courses hosted on the COACHME.YOGA website may be offered on a fee-for-service basis or free of charge.
  3. We give everyone the opportunity to practice yoga classes online on record. If you are not interested in theory now, or if you have already completed the course program, you can do your regular practice also here. Online classes hosted on the COACHME.YOGA website may be offered for a fee or free of charge.
  4. We give everyone the opportunity to review and book any in-person event hosted by OÜ Coach Me Yoga.


The main terms of service are divided into three parts: the User Agreement, the Community Standards, and the Public Offer.

2.1 User Agreement

The User Agreement describes in more detail the services that are provided on COACHME.YOGA, the obligations that the User undertakes when registering, the permissions that the User grants to OÜ Coach Me Yoga, and other additional terms of cooperation. It is required that you read more about all of the provisions of the User Agreement prior to registering at COACHME.YOGA HERE.

2.2 Community Standards

Community Standards provide a fairly detailed framework for permissible communication on COACHME.YOGA. It details topics and behavior that are not acceptable on our website and are subject to deletion, with possible blocking of the author. In general terms, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, cruelty or bullying in our community. We also block any illegal activity. For more details on all of the provisions of the Community Standards, it is imperative that you read HERE before registering at COACHME.YOGA.

2.3 Public Offer

Public Offer introduces the user, who wishes to take advantage of online training on the Website COACHME.YOGA (whether paid or free, if available), with a list of his obligations and responsibilities. In general terms, each user is fully responsible for the observance of safety techniques, the correctness of exercises, as well as control of their own health and well-being. The main criterion for admission to the yoga practice online on our resource, should be a prior consultation with your doctor. More about all the provisions of the Public Offer, before you register on COACHME.YOGA in a mandatory manner to read HERE.


By making a registration, the User confirms that he/she has carefully read and agrees with all paragraphs of the Terms of Service, as well as its extensions: User AgreementCommunity Standards, and the Public Offer.