Friends, I am deeply convinced that learning yoga can be done quite effectively online and this belief is not based on nothing at all, but on the fact that once upon a time I started my yoga journey exactly from the online format. In 2015, my life was ripe with a situation where I needed effective self-development tools. My life schedule was quite busy and there was no time at all to search for in-person training, so I started looking for what was available online. I was interested in both practice and theory. After I got some theoretical training (the author of the first sources I found was Andrey Verba), I started to perform yoga complexes according to YouTube recordings.

Thanks to the online opportunities, I was then developing extremely effectively in the conditions of impossible face-to-face classes. When I had already become a teacher, in covid times, I created this project. My goal was to enable people with the same busy life schedule to learn and practice yoga online.

Neither for the opportunity to learn, nor for the opportunity to practice, I do not charge any price in this project. The fact is that I myself have often encountered opportunities to learn yoga for free in my life. Let this project be partly to cover my debt to the Universe. Your efforts on this portal give me sincere satisfaction from my efforts.

If you have a desire to financially support this project by sharing my efforts on this Path, I and all users of this resource will be extremely grateful. The maintenance of all IT solutions used here, server rent, domain name, accounting support and other related costs requires constant financial investments.

To support me, you can transfer any amount to the current account of my legal entity maintaining this portal at the details below, or make a donation with your credit card via the international financial platform Stripe, by selecting an acceptable amount from the menu below.

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