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Mihhail · November 22, 2023

This course for you, if:

You don’t know what yoga is, in the broad sense of the word, but you have a desire to get to know it;

You have a theoretical idea of what yoga is, but you would like to try the practice as well;

Mihhail’s approach resonates with you and you would like to start practicing with him.

Course program

1. Modern Yoga;

In this lecture we will explore the concept of “yoga” in general, trace the history of its spread in the West, and examine some of the scientific research that supports its positive effects on human health.

2. Transformation of consciousness;

What is personality and how can it be “transformed”? What specific yogic tools are used to do this? What evolutionary stages does one go through in the process of transforming consciousness?

3. Our tools

What does consistent and holistic human development look like and what is the final aim of yoga? What yoga tools do we use in our courses and why do we use them? 

«Yoga today is a trendy word. Over the last century, this method, which has a thousand-years history, rapidly conquered the West, finding approval, including in the community of modern scientists. On the one hand – it is definitely good, because its benefit for humanity is clear. On the other hand – to the uninitiated person is now difficult to understand, what exactly yoga is? Philosophy, religion, health-gymnastics? In order to eliminate possible mistaken perceptions, I have compiled this Boot Camp for you».

Mihhail Duzenko

Course author

Each module consists of:

Video lecture on a new topic;

Instructions explaining the technique of performing various exercises;

Yoga practice (each time a new one);

A reinforcement test (6 questions);

Before we start

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