1.1 Introduction to Yoga Through the Practice of Yin

Mihhail · November 23, 2023

This course for you, if:

  • You are yoga-beginner and would like to get a structured picture of this tradition;
  • You are overweight, of advanced age, or have any other limitations for a more intensive practice;
  • You practice dynamic styles of Hatha yoga and would like to try an alternative tool to complement your Sadhana;
  • You would like to prepare your body for long meditations (i.e. holding the body in a static position for extended periods of time, which is exactly what we do in Yin Yoga).

Course program:

  • Course structure, class structure, yin yoga asanas;
  • Universe in terms of yoga;
  • Basic laws of the Universe: karma, tapas, reincarnation;
  • Origins of Vedic culture;
  • The four main types of yoga;
  • Raja Yoga by Patanjali;
  • History of Yin Yoga;
  • The physical effects of Yin Yoga;
  • The mental impact of Yin Yoga;
  • Principle of building a Yin practice

Each module consists of:

  • Video lecture on a new topic;
  • Instructions explaining the Yin yoga asana technique;
  • Yin yoga practice (each time a new flow);
  • A reinforcement test (6 questions);


  • Restrictions from the attending physician on physical exercise and sports;
  • Recent mental breakdown;
  • Epilepsy attacks;
  • Recent stroke or heart attack;
  • You are under 18 years of age;
  • Pregnancy.

Before enrolling the course, it is mandatory to read the terms of the public offer.

Due to the fact, that I have a very tight (not elastic) body, I realized at the time, that Yang Hatha yoga practice alone would not be enough for me to loosen it up. In order to move even a millimeter deeper into a particular asana, I had to linger much longer than it was classically provided. Fortunately, I came across this methodology, which has qualitatively complemented my personal Sadhana“. Mihhail Duzenko

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