1.2 Introduction to Yoga Through the Practice of Yang

Mihhail · November 24, 2023

This course for you, if:

  • You have completed the course «1.1 An Introduction to Yoga Through the Practice Yin»
  • You have mastered the material you learned in the previous course (otherwise, it would be more effective to take the previous course 1.1 again);
  • You are quite fluent and regular in the practices presented in the previous course 1.1 and ready for more intense, Yang exercises;

Course program:

  • Review of the previous course, Structure of this, class;
  • History of Hatha Yoga;
  • Structure of the subtle bodies of man;
  • The impact of yoga on human energy;
  • The tools of Hatha Yoga;
  • Effective methods of purification of the body;
  • Yogic nutrition and fasting;
  • The Limits of Flexibility: The Nervous System and Reflexes;
  • The Limits of Flexibility: Skeletal Limitations;
  • Basic Principles of Yoga Therapy.

Each module consists of:

  • Video lecture on a new topic;
  • Instructions explaining the Yin yoga asana technique;
  • Yin yoga practice (each time a new flow);
  • A reinforcement test (6 questions);


  • Restrictions from the attending physician on physical exercise and sports;
  • Recent mental breakdown;
  • Epilepsy attacks;
  • Recent stroke or heart attack;
  • You are under 18 years of age;
  • Pregnancy.

Before enrolling the course, it is mandatory to read the terms of the public offer.

On the one hand, you may be a very cool yoga-gymnast, it doesn’t help you to be healthy and happy; on the other hand, having a stiff, weak and sick body, you can’t even start those techniques, that help you to get closer to inner happiness. Hatha yoga helps me to effectively prepare my body, so that I am free to do deeper inner practices”. Mihhail Duzenko

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