1.3 Introduction to Yoga Through the Practice of Kundalini

Mihhail · November 26, 2023

This course for you, if:

  • You have completed the course «1.1 An Introduction to Yoga Through the Practice Yin» and «1.2 An Introduction to Yoga Through the Practice of Yang»;
  • You have mastered the material you learned in the previous courses;
  • You are quite fluent and regular in the practices presented in the previous courses and ready for more intense, Kundalini yoga exercises;

Course program:

  • Review of the previous courses, Structure of this, class;
  • Parampara of the Sikh lineage;
  • Vibration, sound, mantra;
  • Breath, Pranayama;
  • Asanas, mudras, locks;
  • Relaxation, Shavasana;
  • Mindfulness and Meditation;
  • Positive Affirmation;
  • Principle of the effects of Kundalini practice;
  • Yoga and the Challenges of the Age of Aquarius.

Each module consists of:

  • Video lecture on a new topic;
  • Instructions explaining the Yin yoga asana technique;
  • Yin yoga practice (each time a new flow);
  • A reinforcement test (6 questions);


  • Restrictions from the attending physician on physical exercise and sports;
  • Recent mental breakdown;
  • Epilepsy attacks;
  • Recent stroke or heart attack;
  • Weak cardiovascular system and heart disease;
  • You are under 18 years of age or over 50;
  • Pregnancy.

Before enrolling the course, it is mandatory to read the terms of the public offer.

“I am immensely glad that once, thanks to my good karma, I became acquainted with these effective tools of self-development. Thanks to Kundalini Yoga, my spiritual development has been accelerated many times over. Glory to those teachers who brought this knowledge to us”. Mihhail Duzenko

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