Coaching Program “Turning point”

Mihhail · December 9, 2023

This course for you, if:

  • You have completed all previous “Introductory Courses” and confidently cope with the physical challenge presented in these courses. This requirement is related to the fact, that taking the «Introductory Courses” guarantees you a more or less safe passage through the program, as well as an understanding of the essence of the actions performed;
  • You wish to have yoga not only on your mat during class, but also become a way of life ( since the program extends far beyond yoga sets);
  • You are really serious in your intention to take a long-term course, according to the prescribed program (the course runs for 120 days and can be, for the average practitioner, quite intensive);

What does it include?

  • Smooth correction of the diet towards a vegetarian diet (in order to lighten the load on the body);
  • Mastering effective cleansing techniques (everything new should start from scratch);
  • Yoga classes recorded online (here you will find all practical sets of courses 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 for 60 and 90 minutes to choose from);
  • Mastering yoga techniques for self-performance;
  • Mastering of some useful everyday procedures, which, together with the rest of the actions, give a synergy effect;
  • Access to electronic methodical materials in video, photo and text format;
  • Mentor consultations (i.e. personal work under the supervision of a teacher);


The course program is broken into 17 parts, where one part means one week. Every seven days you get access to the next module where you will find:

  • Assignments to follow related the diet, daily routines, yoga practices, and anything else additional;
  • There will also necessarily be a short video from me about what might happen to you during the course and how to work with it, as well as an article detailing the new techniques you’ll need to do this week;
  • Be extremely careful, because at the end of each module you will need to fill out a report on what you did and missed. Since some techniques may be contraindicated for you or too intense for you, there is no requirement to complete all items of the plan. It is only necessary to complete 70% of the assignments to pass the module.

“Once in my life I have made a similar U-turn, and I am ready to share my experience and knowledge, structuring them into a plan of consecutive actions”. Mihhail Duzenko, author of the course.

What is the main goal of the program?

The main benefit of this course is that you’re not just learning or just practicing something, but you’re mastering yoga techniques, integrating them into your daily life. The course is structured in such a way that each previous action prepares your body and psyche for the action of the next one. This is a very important principle, because if you combine these components in random order, you get just a list of knowledge, but not a harmonious model of the whole, which is expressed in very specific changes in your personality. As a result, it is supposed to cardinally turn you toward health, mindfulness and self-development, or, if you are already “turned” enough, to help you gain the necessary speed of movement in this direction.


  • Pregnancy and postpartum period of breastfeeding;
  • Restrictions by your doctor on physical exercise and sporting activities;
  • Mental breakdown or mental health problems;
  • Epileptic seizures;
  • Recent stroke or heart attack;
  • Weak cardiovascular system and heart disease;
  • You are younger than 21 years of age or older than 50 years of age

Before registering for the course it is necessary to read the terms of the public offer.

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