When the Pandemic Ends or “At the Crossroads of the Epochs”

At the beginning of the year 2020, we are all confronted with a hitherto unseen problem, that has also affected the entire globe, without any possible exceptions. We are talking, of course, about the so-called “coronovirus” (COVID-19) and the economic and social consequences of its existence. I am sure, that for the absolute majority this situation came as an extreme unexpectedly, however, as the chronicles testify, some visionary people have been talking about the emergence of this scenario for a long time.

We must prepare ourselves for the wave of new diseases, we must find the means against them. Each Age presents its own special challenges to the human body, mind and soul […] At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, we encounter previously unknown challenges, such as epidemics of viruses, mental and spiritual ill-health…“. Yogi Bhajan.

Thus, the master of Kundalini Yoga, still in 70-80s of the last century, unequivocally pointed to the fact, that according to astrological calculations, since 2012 the life of mankind will change. Exactly from this moment will begin a new evolutionary turn on the Earth, conditioned by the influence of celestial bodies on the life of its population. Perhaps then, 30-40 years ago, such statements seemed to many extremely strange, if not absurd. However, today we see that they are not groundless at all, because many things do agree with reality.

Let’s try to get to the bottom of this question together. Perhaps this kind of awareness will help us prepare for the coming events, saving us from unnecessary stress and suffering.

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So, according to astrology, celestial bodies scattered over the boundless expanses of galaxies, moving along a certain trajectory, do have a certain influence on each other, and, accordingly, on the population available on them. We can well observe this on the example of the motion of the moon, which, moving away and close to the Earth, in one way or another affects the tides of the world’s oceans. We also know well what happens on our planet, when the Earth makes a rotation on its axis, because at this time the day replaces the night once. So it is the diurnal cycle, which regulates our regime of the day, because we sleep at night and wake up during the day, and if we do vice versa, it will seriously affect our health. One rotation of the Earth around the Sun has a greater impact on our lives, because we call this cosmic cycle a year. At this time, the inhabitants of our latitudes have to observe a change of four seasons, and we have nothing to do, but adjust to the current conditions. We will definitely put on warm clothes in winter, cool off in nearby bodies of water in summer, plant our future crops in spring, and harvest them in fall. In other words, it is obvious, that our lives are indeed entirely dependent on the movement of the planets, and anyone who would think to fight or deny this, in any way would probably seem to most people not to be the most reasonable person.

However, in addition to these rather short cosmic cycles, there are more global movements, which are called Epochs. Each Epoch is called a sign of the Zodiac and lasts 2160 years. Altogether there are 12 such Epochs, and in total, they form a complete circle of 25920 years duration. The one that just started, as you have already understood, is called the Age of Aquarius, and the one that ended, was the Age of Pisces (which lasted from I-II century BC to 1991-2012 AD). It is believed, that each Age presents its own special challenges to the human body, mind and soul. This is due to changes in the biorhythms of the human brain, which in turn depends on the trajectory of the Earth (or rather a slight turn of its axis). This is exactly what Yogi Bhajan was talking about.

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An ordinary person may not be aware of the existence of such long cosmic periods, but you and me live in a unique time, because we are nowhere else, than at the junction of these two Epochs. This allows us to observe with our own eyes how global changes in the human way of life can take place in such a short period of time. What was 30 years ago and what is now is, figuratively speaking, heaven and earth, isn’t it? Unfortunately, such rapid turbulence can break many human destinies, because caught unawares people simply do not know how to react to the new conditions of life, desperately clinging to the old.

Perhaps this is exactly what is happening now, during a period of aggravation of the coronovirus. People don’t know how to react, what will happen next, and everyone wants to get their lives back on track. But most likely, this expectation will not lead to anything good, because what was before is not coming back. We have confidently entered the zone of influence of the new Age, and now we have to live by adjusting our behavior to the new realities, as if summer were over and autumn began. Agree, it would not be wise in October to demand the warmth of the sun and complain about the rain, because “we’re used to it,” “we like it better” – “it’s always been this way”. It is better to understand what happens in the fall, how to behave and continue to enjoy life, already in the new conditions.

So to answer the question in the title, “When will the pandemic end?”, figuratively speaking, I conclude that for us it will never end. We have to learn to live with it, adapting (training) our minds and bodies (including immunity) to such trials.

In the next article, I will explain in more detail, what exactly is characteristic of the Age of Aquarius and how it differs from the Age of Pisces. By understanding these differences, you will know what to prepare for, and therefore be able to adjust to the new reality.

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