Challenges of the Aquarian Age

In the previous article we considered the astrological principle of the change of the Ages, learning in turn that we have a unique opportunity to observe this change with our own eyes. According to astrologers, each Age throws its unique challenges to humanity, which apply to all aspects of human life. Therefore, the new Age under the sign of Aquarius, which began in 2012, of course, is no exception. It also brings fundamental changes, which we feel today, as they say, in all its glory.

So what is the fundamental difference? How is life in the twenty-first century (and the next twenty) so different from the times of the past? How to live with it and what to prepare for? I have tried to answer these questions briefly in this article.

Although the Aquarian Age has a number of differences and peculiarities, here I have considered only a part of them, which, in my opinion, are the most important for an ordinary socially active person.

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The first difference between the Aquarian Age and the Pisces Age is the quality, quantity, and accessibility of information. Not long ago, both access and quantity of information were severely limited. In order to get valuable knowledge, a person had to make a lot of efforts – to find a source, to reach it, to get permission (initiation). But when you earned the cherished access, you got the real gold in your hands – in an extremely concise form, the essence of the topic of interest to you (whether it was a chronicle or a verbal instruction). Today, everything is out in the open and in unlimited quantities. You type in the term you want and you get a whole library, often for free. You don’t even have to leave your house. On the one hand, of course, this is good – freedom of action and choice. On the other hand, how do you make sense of all this abundance? Often the opinions and arguments can be extremely contradictory. And, on both sides, there are usually quite authoritative sources. Which of these is the truth and which is an outright lie? In order to get to the heart of the matter, you will have to dig through countless amounts of data, but still, success is not guaranteed.

And it would not be so critical if people had enough free time to deal with it. However, it is exactly what we are missing today, because all life processes have speeded up to the limit, forming the second distinctive feature of the Age of Aquarius – speed and variability. “You have to run with all your might just to stay in the same place, and in order to get somewhere, you have to run at least twice as fast” – these words, from the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, describe well the daily reality of modern man.

High speed and rapid variability are characteristic of all spheres of human activity – the economic and political situations, scientific paradigms, and, of course, technology, which changes almost every year. Over a decade, dramatic changes can occur. Getting education now – this is just the starting point of departure ( and previously, remember, you learned blacksmithing and you are guaranteed a job until retirement). Only you graduated from an educational institution, got a job, mastered the computer with all the necessary software – that’s it, it’s outdated, learn the tablet. Made an effort, got used to and mastered the tablet – not relevant, now your working tool is the phone. Well, you learned to work with the phone – they say that there is no difference what to work with, because your working gadgets are connected to a cloud server, which collects and synchronizes information from all the devices you have. In the end, no matter how much one learns, it will never be enough. Constant change and lifelong learning is the new normal. The question arises, how do you cope with the flood of information, be able to adjust to the changing world and still stay healthy, happy and fulfilled?

Apparently this is not easy to do, as the third characteristic of the coming Age shows – the focus of health problems has now shifted from the physical to the mental. Most likely, this is a logical consequence of the previous two characteristics (large amount of data and speed of change) – our psyche simply cannot withstand such pressure. Stress, depression, insomnia, emotional burnout and other similar ailments are gaining epidemic proportions around the world. Today, a sore tooth is not as bad as the perspective of “overheating” at work. If the issue with the tooth can be resolved quickly enough (and without having to pull it out, as before), then with the head, even with money, the result can be quite uncertain. As a result, after succeeding in your education, professional achievement or career, you may find a complete mental breakdown on the podium, bringing all your previous efforts to zero. As a consequence, you find yourself on the sidelines of life, not knowing what to do next, where to go, or how to survive at all.

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If you add to all of the above the danger of contracting various viral diseases, then we do not have the brightest picture on our hands, do we? Tons of information, the crazy pace of life, rapid variability, viral diseases, as well as stress and mental disorders as a result of such overload. These are the realities of our age. However, it is not as bad as it seems. These are just the new conditions of life, which are given to mankind, so that it could educate itself in the necessary qualities, to pass the next life lessons, which in other times, perhaps, it would not have been possible to pass.

In the next article, I’ll talk about some yoga tools that can help us meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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